11 June 2019, HMA, Athens, Greece

The 4th technical meeting of the Project “Skills4Smart TCLF Industries 2030” was held in Athens, Greece on 11th June 2019 at the premises of HMA with the participation of the project partners.

The aim of the meeting was at first the overview of the project’s state, the activities implemented so far and the presentation of administrative and financial issues. Partners discussed about the ongoing WPs, which are WP III Future needed skills and trends for the TCLF sector and WP VII Design VET Curricula for TCLF needed profiles. In addition, partners exchanged views on the WP V Sectoral Skills Strategy giving emphasis how to support the objectives of the established growth strategy for the sectors. Moreover, a part of the meeting was about the presentations of WP VI Attractiveness of TCLF and the planning of development a new identity to attract and retain new workforce in the TCLF sectors. The last part of the meeting was devoted to WP XI European Fashion Campus and WP X overview of completed dissemination activities, planning of upcoming dissemination work and of 2nd annual public event in Romania in November 2019.