We are proud to announce the creation of 8 MOOCs, available for free to anyone interested in improving their skills in the TCLF (Textile, Clothing, Leather, and Footwear) industries. These courses were developed due to an extensive selection, definition, and development process of new and updated curricula content for 8 specific profiles within the TCLF industries.

The 8 MOOCs we offer cater to the industry’s needs and provide learners with the latest knowledge and skills required to excel in their respective fields. The courses cover a range of topics from:

  • Textile Technology,
  • Clothing CAD Pattern Making,
  • Footwear CAD Designing & Pattern Making,
  • Leather Technology,
  • Sustainability,
  • (Digital) Supply Chain Analysis,
  • Digital Marketing, to Process
  • Production Timeline Analysis.

These courses offer significant added value to the current education available on the market, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased the demand for online courses. Additionally, these courses anticipate future changes in consumer demands and new regulations within the industry.

Our MOOCs are accessible to everyone, regardless of location, background, or prior knowledge. They are designed to be engaging and interactive, using the latest technology to deliver an exceptional learning experience. We believe these courses will help learners develop their skills and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the TCLF industries.

Access the MOOCs here!