Young Patterns supports young people looking for a job in Belgian fashion and apparel companies. The duo-internship system created by Young Patterns aims at the best result for both young people and companies.

Recent graduates who have just registered as job seekers can join the initiative and enjoy a “tailor-made” first work experience.

Young Patterns grew out of the observation that the new generation’s flow into the fashion and clothing industry have it difficult. This new generation Y & Z is composed of students and recently graduated, often job-seeking youngsters. They have their vision, and they are constantly looking for changes and new challenges. In addition, the Belgian apparel and clothing industry is facing significant challenges due to an ageing population.

Older workers are leaving the sector and the problem of finding enough suitable replacements has been felt for several years. Less than 5% of the workforce is under 25. The sector is missing young talents and thus it is jeopardising its future. Today, more than ever, companies must take the values of generation Y & Z into account and try to create a dynamic and enriching working environment.


“Through Young Patterns, young workers, students and job seekers can meet and share their experiences and passion. It not only gives a broad view of possible jobs but also provides the necessary coaching and guidance to the students, the schools and the companies so that they can find their place in the fashion industry, and we can thus offer them a stronger future.”

Ann Collier, project coordinator at IVOC & founder of Young Patterns

“For employers, Young Patterns is an additional channel to – perhaps – find that one talent which will make his company stronger tomorrow. For the young person, Young Patterns is the push to take a chance or to see more clearly a compelling choice between career alternatives.

For those who follow things from a distance, Young Patterns is in the first place an invitation to put our human resources, our most important asset, at the center of the future project for the sector. The roles and responsibilities in the Young Patterns project are the best imaginable. The companies finance the project through their sector competence center IVOC and a delegation of young people (ambassadors) determines how to use those resources. For and by young people, in other words.”

Rob Senden, director IVOC

In addition to personal coaching and mentoring, Young Patterns also offers duo internships, in which job-seekers can do an internship in two different clothing companies, receive a premium and thus gain work experience and knowledge.

In the ‘hub’ of Young Patterns, jobseekers, students, and new employees share their dreams, doubts, by speaking up, sharing their experiences, and advising and inspiring other young people.


Author: Rob Senden – IVOC