Skills needs may be perceived in different ways and can have different consequences.

The fashion world suffers from lack of candidates or lack of competences for certain jobs. Plus, training courses are not always geared to the business world, or they are simply not offered.

In the absence of a satisfactory solution being found, companies have learned to take matters into their own hands. Rather than believing that the solution comes from the outside, companies themselves are responsible for the further training or retraining of their staff and newcomers. Research shows that self-reliance of companies is gaining importance, which is reflected in an increasingly efficient and effective in-company training capacity.

Does this mean that the role of schools and external training centres is played out?

Not at all. On the contrary,  the much-needed rejuvenation of the sector will never be possible without efficient guidance from the educational world. Moreover, supporting the in-company training capacity requires a strategic transition in the provision of services of schools and training centres.

We need innovative formulas for this, adapted to the demands and possibilities of companies. Dual learning, which is currently on the rise in Belgium and to a large extent inspired by the German model, is a strategic change and of course, may help to contribute to the solution.

Check one of our dual trainees’ experience in this video:


Do you relate to his journey? Are you a young person considering dual study in secondary education?

Then you go to school two days a week and to a workplace three days a week for an entire school year. There are many advantages:

  • At your workplace –> you learn the tricks of the trade
  • At school –> your theory is refined
  • Together with your school and your supervisor –> you map out your route
  • You receive an apprenticeship allowance –> € 500/month

For the fashion and clothing sector, you have three courses of dual study in Flanders:

  • Fashion realisation in 3rd degree BSO– here you will find the school(s) where you can start this training.
  • Developer of prototypes (SenSe)– here you will find the school(s) where you can start this training.
  • Developer of patterns (SenSe)– here you will find the school(s) where you can start this training.

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Author: Rob Senden – IVOC